PBA Instructors

Meet the Pittsburgh Bellydance Academy Instructors!

kate stapleton Kate Stapleton is an accomplished bellydance performer and instructor with extensive training in cabaret and tribal styles. In addition to bellydance, she performs regularly with the Pittsburgh Samba group. Her dance style includes elongated lines, strong core technique, and clarity of the movement. Kate is also a harpist and has a great deal of theatrical experience which lends to the study of emotive responses to music through dance.

Abi Ross Abi Ross developed a passion for the art of belly dance over a decade ago. Drawing on a lifelong love of dance, she delved into the study of american cabaret and Egyptian styles. Having studied classical piano from a young age lent to a deeper understanding of rhythms and musicality which has greatly influenced the style of her dance. In her teaching; she hopes to share the many forms and styles of music from pop to classical to folk and to help students learn to use the music to direct their dancing.

Maqui Ortiz

Maqui Ortiz has worked to spread the joy of bellydance through performance and instruction since 2005, with a dance style distinguished by fluidity of movement, exquisite hand work and a powerful emotional presence. As a Tribal Fusion style teacher, she emphasizes development of grace through the expansion of strength and actively creates a supportive environment for dancers of all levels and abilities. Maqui’s particular interests are in hip hop fusion and the art of improvisation.

Jen (Janim) Jen (Janim) is a sought after professional bellydancer and certified HipCurve Instructor. For more than a decade, Janim has dedicated herself to the study of Middle Eastern Dance, its traditions, nuances and deeper meaning and expression through performance, instruction, and continuing education. Her love of the dance can be seen in her dynamic performances and within her thoughtful instruction of her students in both workshops and classes where she presents the fundamentals of bellydance as well as the nuances of zilling and veil work. Join her to discover the love of the dance!

2 thoughts on “PBA Instructors

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    • Hi Michelle. Yes, we have had students join us after a recent surgery. We always recommend listening to your body. No matter what the technique is if it starts to hurt in an uncomfortable way, it is time to stop. Many times, a posture correction will help to alleviate the undue pressure on your back, knee, etc, but each person is different. We jsut recommend you talk to the instructor before class and feel confident to drop back when it gets to be too much!

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