Class Resources

Janim’s Class Resources

I have compiled the following information over the years through friends and fellow bellydancers as well as through the informational sites that I am linking below. I hope that you enjoy perusing it as much I did!

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Fundamental Bellydance Moves

This PDF contains the basic moves covered in our classes. This is quite useful to have in front of you for your home practice!

Bellydance Styles

This PDF contains descriptions of the various bellydance styles with reference to some of the legends of the art form. The information was found at venus bellydance and in an article written by Soher Azar.

Bellydance Floorwork

This PDF contains the floorwork covered in our classes. I would like to credit Ruby, the amazing dancer who has increased my bellydance vocabulary through her teaching!

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Class Music Resources

The following is a list of music used throughout the class. I will update it constantly but please feel free to ask me if you find a song that you are particularly like! I love to share my music and discover new selections!


Simarik- Tarkan

Dark Continent, Liberation, Thunderdrums- Scott Fitzgerald

Combinations and Isolations:

Ah Ya Leil- Shereen

Bellydance- Saad

Ala Nar- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra

Miserlou- George Abdo

The Sensual Chifti & Phaedra Pharonica- Eddie Kochak

Veil Work:

Nebtidi Mnain El Hikaya- Bellydance Superstars

Nihavent Oriental-

Esma Yalli- Hakim

Shimmy Practice:

Solo Tabla 1- Samer Issa

Zill Practice:


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Informational Sites:

Bellydance Central ~

Pittsburgh Bellydance Community ~

Shira ~

Costumes and Accessories:

Saroyan Zills! ~ Buy your zills here but also listen to sound clips to pick just the right pitch!

Dahlal! ~ The perfect place for costumes, veils, hip scarves or what ever you need for the dance!

Sharifwear– Sassy bellydance class wear and hip scarves.


Ishtar- Pittsburgh’s premiere bellydance band ~


2 Replies to “Class Resources”

  1. I’m interested in learning more about belly dance. I’ve had one class but I’m probably still a beginner. Which class should I try?

    1. I would suggest the Thursday night 6pm class! Perfect for entry level bellydancers or those wishing to tone and perfect technique!

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