Janim teaches at Art in Motion Pittsburgh!

Janim2018-41Art in Motion Pittsburgh offers a comprehensive training program for amateur and aspiring professional bellydancers. The class program includes flexibility and strength training, toning, head to toe technique, combinations and choreography. Classes also include training in musicality, interpretation, improvisation, and performance skills. Prop classes include single and double veil, cane, zills, and fan veils. We strive to offer high quality instruction and to create beautiful dancers. Students are encouraged to participate in biannual showcase performance opportunities.


Bellydance Mondays, Level 1 Technique and Training. Bellydance Level I is perfect for beginners as well as those who want to refine their movements. Students will focus on increasing extension and isolations of basic bellydance moves through conditioning, drills, and combinations. Mondays 6-7pm

Bellydance Mondays, Level 2 Combos and Choreography. Bellydance Level 2, a stand alone class or building on the technique covered in Level 1, Technique and Training, develops traveling combos and transitions with and without props as we develop combinations that complete a choreography throughout the session. Jen will include veil and zills,  (we have loaners!) as well as other props if the choreography requires. Mondays 7-8pm

Monday night adult classes work together and students are encouraged to try both hours for the best bellydance experience!

Youth Bellydance Classes

Bellydance & Jazz:  Kids

Students will learn the basics of the bellydance exploring music, movement and rhythms with fun props like finger cymbals, veils and more. This age appropriate class features bellydance and ballet/jazz technique, choreographies, movement games, and an introduction to zilling (finger cymbals).

Butterfly Bellydance, Ballet & Jazz: Creative Movement Class for ages 3-5

In this creative movement class, our young students will learn the basics of ballet, jazz, and bellydance exploring music, movement and rhythms in creative, whimsical ways. We use many props in this class…tutus, fairy wings, veils, finger cymbals, and fans in order to express the joy of dance and movement! This age appropriate class features bellydance and ballet/jazz technique, combinations, movement games, and an introduction to rhythms. Mondays 5pm-5:45 *Please note, drop-ins not accepted. If you plan to use this class for a make-up, please contact us 24 hours prior. Thank you.

Our new schedule can be found here!

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