“Janim infuses classical styles with individual grace and charm, expressing the essential feminine in dance,” Angele Ellis, Pennsylvania

Janim2017-48.jpg“Excellent! Would hire again and again! Janim performed a Belly Dance at my sister’s wedding. We had almost 400 people in attendance and everyone was captivated by her. We received compliment after compliment. She was classy, graceful, and personable. If you’ve ever hired a belly dancer you know that being a good dancer goes beyond the dance moves. Janim connected to the music, the audience and made the whole wedding more fun and authentic! My whole (Lebanese) family was so pleased with her performance and presence at the wedding!” – Nawal Rajeh, Youngstown, OH

“Five glittery stars for Janim’s belly dance classes. We all know that Janim is an amazing dancer, but she is also an awesome teacher! Janim hits all the marks with a mix of drills, choreography, veils and zills, for classesthat are both challenging and fun. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and no matter what your dance level, she makes everyone feel like a belly dancestar.” -Linda Falorio, Pennsylvania

“Brightly swirling veils and classic Belly Dance lines, Janim in a word, is electrifying.” – Karianne Merlina, Bellydancer in Pennsylvania

Janim2017-43.jpg“As a bellydance student, the most valuable lesson I learned from Janim can’t be directly seen – it rests internally. From Janim I learned to liberate the fun, flirty, and fearless qualities that all of us women (deep down) possess. As someone who has struggled with self-esteem issues all of her life, I continue to feel my confidence grow, little by little, every time I step into the dance studio. In the few months that I have been dancing, I already feel like a new person; it’s almost unrecognizable. Someday I hope to possess the same ethereal-like aura and charming confidence that Janim has – until then, she continues to be an inspiration and role model to me!”  – Luiza S.- Bellydance student

“Your confident presence (you own the space around you… command it) and  your lyrical surrender to the music (and yes, you can quote me on that :)” (about Janim’s double veil work)  – Olivia Kissel, Bellydancer, Pittsburgh PA

“I have seen a lot of bellydancers from pittsburg but Janim is by far my favorite. She IS the Steel city bellydancer which is very hard to say since I am a Baltimore Fan. You can’t help but smile as you watch her perform from her zills to her double veils, her enthusiasm is contagious. I have yet to attend a show where her performance doesn’t lift my mood. If you want to leave your guests with a smile on their faces, then Janim is the dancer for you.” –Amartia, Professional Bellydancer

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