Shimmy through the weekend!

I am looking forward to this weekend! Starting Saturday morning off with class at the Pittsburgh Dance Center at 10am. We are still working through our choreography which we hope to premiere in January and again in February at our first Hafla of 2013. We have been working hard and it really is coming together!

Sunday afternoon we have our workshop series continuing at 12:30-2 pm. We will feature the first hour with zills and veils followed by adjustments using the Alexander Technique. After class, it is time to get our things together for the Shimmy Holiday Party and Swap Meet! This time, our holiday party/ hafla is for dancers and students only. I think this will give us all a level of comfort and intimacy not normally present when we entertain! It is also a chance for the community to raise any issues or concerns for 2013!

I know I need to gather my goodies for sale as well. If anyone is interested, I will be bringing a few inexpensive costumes, skirts, and veils 🙂

Hope you all can make it!!!

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