Be kind. Be accountable. Be present.

Be kind.  Be accountable. Be present.


These are my three hopes, dreams and aspirations for the New Year. 2018 was amazing…so much incredible design work that I took part in at my office, Studio for Spatial Practice, and so many memorable dance experiences…

  • New students in our Art in Motion family, teaching dynamic children and adults both at the studio and at Point Park.
  • Dance performances throughout the year including beautiful weddings, enriching cultural festivals, and both the Silk Screen and PSO galas.
  • Dancing with my studio partner and friend Luciana on more than one occasion!
  • Dancing with my talented Troupe Taraatha ❤️ and my great friend Jemeena!
  • Dancing with my daughter and seeing her unbridled love for dance!

With all of these wonderful experiences, I think I left myself a bit ungrounded and unable to be fully present in the moment..unfair to myself and others.

In 2019, I want to try my best to speak with compassion, to teach with patience and love, and to work fully grounded in the moment!

What are your hopes and dreams for the new year? Whatever they may be, I wish you peace, love and light in 2019!

Weddings, shamadans, zills, oh my!

I realized today that I never shared a few wedding snippets from this summer’s performances and felt like I should fix that oversight promptly!


Let’s dance!

With the weather changing for the better, a little more sun shining down, I do believe it is time to start shimmying! We have so much fun in bellydance class, and besides the physical benefits…cardio, strength training and an increase in flexibility, the mental and emotional benefits abound. Dancing also helps to keep the mind active, like a complex puzzle that needs to be solved.

Will you join us? We dance together on Mondays at 7pm (intermediate) and 8pm (beginners and mixed levels) and again on Saturdays at 10am and 11am.More info HERE!


NYE 2017

2017 came to a close with Jemeena and I performing at a retro Bollywood party. What a wonderful audience and definitely an event I was lucky to be a part of. What an incredible way to bring in the New Year, dancing my heart out, with my beloved Isabella, and my dear friends, Jeannine and Jemeena.

Now let’s go get 2018!

2017 Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival

We had an incredible year at the festival…a turning point…a new year. This was our fresh start, and I have never felt happier. Thanks to everyone who attended and dancer their hearts out! My heart is full for knowing you!

Photos by DMZ Photography.

Dancing again…

I am the luckiest bellydancing mama…at least I feel that way most of the time! It has been a struggle to regain the confidence I lost post-delivery in my body’s capabilities and image even though I went back to teaching within 6 weeks. I feel as though today, I can finally say I am back and I am ready! I also have a wee little dance partner to share in the fun! I love my IMP!

I hope all the other amazing bellydancing new mamas out there can share in the joy. Hang in there! It will get easier! If you are in town, come on over and dance with me at our new studio, Art in Motion Pittsburgh.

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