Meet Mehira!

Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival

Meet Mehira, cohost, instructor, and former winner of the Belly-Off Competition!

IMG_4691 Mehira is an energetic and engaging performer as well as certified HipCurve Instructor. Her unique style inspires and entertains young and old alike. From the moment she entered her first bellydance class, she was enchanted with this ancient art form. She excelled in her learning and was taking the stage within 2 weeks of her first formal training, and hasn’t stopped since. She went on to be a soloist and principle dancer of the Belly Dancers in Paradise.

Mehira teaches weekly classes and organizes her own Hafla series. She is also the leader of the Raquettes, a cabaret bellydance troupe!

Mehira will be teaching, Circles and Lines for Improv Time: The way I approach improvisation is a little different… Maybe a little less scary for the new person trying to improv to live music…..I hear the lines and…

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Miami BDC 2013

And a quickie little recap now that I am slightly rested…highlights from the competition and the gala show! Thanks to Denise Marino for her stunning photography!

Meet our Vendor: Silkdancer

Meet one of our vendors at the Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival in November!

Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival

Silkdancer – your source for exquisite hand-dyed belly dance silks

All Silkdancer silks are one of a kind, hand-dyed by Shaula. As such, each piece will be as special and unique as you are. All silk items are produced from grade-A silk, the dyes used are known for their brilliance and light-fastness, and each product is steamed for 2-3 hours. Steaming the silk sets the dye, increases the brilliance of the color, enhances the sheen and allows the item to be dry-cleaned if necessary.

I am a HUGE fan of Silkdancer’s veils. I have quite a few and they are absolutely dreamy! They are vibrant, ethereal, and move with you, not against you!

Check her booth out at our Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival!


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The monster within…

The monster within…

I am just back from the 2013 Miami Bellydance Convention. This is my second year participating in this large scale event, and this is the second year that I return home feeling incredibly inspired, completely overwhelmed, amazingly awed, depressed, and basically completely jumbled!

Why the contradicting emotions you ask?

The workshops (with Saida, Jillina, and Zoe) and shows were amazing, and the competition was intense. The entire event was extremely well organized and ran without a noticeable hitch. I learned so much in such a short time. However, with all of these amazing things happening around me, I still let the negative voices run rampant through my head.

Voices: You aren’t good enough to be here. You aren’t the right look. You haven’t practiced enough.

Rational me: Shut up voices.

Voices: No.

and back and forth and back and forth…

So I came across this quote,

Slide2And I am going to choose to live by it for today. I am going to revel in the fact that I can teach what I learned to my amazing students. I am going to revel in the knowledge that this event will make me work harder for next year. I am going to revel in the understanding that with training and dedication, I can and will raise the caliber of my dance while still loving the journey!

What are you going to revel in?