Today, while searching for a little non-traditional inspiration, I came across this video by artist, Daniel Wurtzel.

Which lead to my finding this set to the music of one of my favorite groups:

(I won’t lie, I giggled outright reading one of the comments on the video that said, ” Sheet just got real”) but on a more serious note I will quote a small portion of his Artist Statement here:

In my most recent work, I am interested in finding or imposing order in chaotic airflow systems. The Air series of sculptures and room-sized installations involves lightweight materials such as bird feathers, flower petals, Styrofoam peanuts, fabric, balloons, soap bubbles, fog, fire or ordinary litter from the street that are trapped, and continuously fly in columns or vortices of open air. Work from the Air series is spare and poetic, largely due of its use of humble materials. Propelled into motion by something that is invisible, the aerodynamic properties of these materials, and the underlying order within these inherently chaotic airflow systems are revealed in a way that can be continuously observed.

I have been on a hunt these days for new inspiration, but I am feeling a calling to my roots, where I first found my love in the dance…working with fabric, silk, veils…the minimalist nature of the dance and the effortless beauty of shapes produced. These videos are really speaking to me right now. And I feel inspired to do a little recrafting of my veil technique into something new and changing, fluid and poetic…Stay tuned, folks! I promise to introduce something new for veils to you in 2014!

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