Amartia of Maryland!

Amartia of Maryland, our guest star for our March Istanbul Hafla will also be teaching a Greek Tsiftetelli Bellydance workshop!

March Istanbul Hafla

Sat, Mar 1oth | 8pm

Istanbul Grille | 4130 Butler Street

March Workshop:

Amartia’s Greek Tsiftetelli Bellydance

Sun, Mar 11th | 2-4pm

Pittsburgh Dance Center 4765 Liberty Avenue

Workshop Description: Learn how to interpret the nuances and speed of Greek music. Learn how to
handle a bouzouki solo like a drum solo. Amartia will teach the traditional
folkloric steps that can be incorporated into a modern routine. She will
also show the subtle differences in the traditional Greek tsifteteli and its
modern Egyptian counterpart. Participants will be taught at 3min bouzouki
solo choreography.

For more information, please email me at jengal55 at gmail dot com

You will be able to wow a Greek audience and add some OPA to your performance

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