Why Bellydance?

Why Bellydance?

That is a question I am asked all the time. It can mean “why of all dance forms, did you choose bellydance?” Sometimes, the question is asked as a means of convincing the questioner that it is worth his or her time to try out a few new lessons.

While I can point to scientific data or health related articles that tout the benefits of the dance, I would rather share with you my own story and happening upon this art form.

In 2002, I and a dear friend of mine decided to try bellydance at the Dance Alloy, partly out of curiosity, partly as a way to have some fun in the cold winter, and perhaps a small part of us wanted a new exercise to augment our running. Our first class with Roxelanna was all that we had hoped it would be: full of danceable music, drills and conditioning exercises, excellent movement breakdown, and just a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Being the self-conscious woman that I was (and perhaps still am), I scanned the room at the beginning of class, and was happy to note that all shapes, sizes, and ages were well represented there.

I must admit that at that time, I wore a full t-shirt, almost baggy with yoga pants when taking class. The fear of exposure, the lack of confidence in myself and my form, and my rather dismal body image did prevent me from fully concentrating and enjoying our class. I even think at that point seeing my bare feet was slightly shocking, but I stuck it out. I enjoyed the dance tremendously and it brought me such joy. It was always a chance to step outside of myself and to be expressive in a feminine way…something that I rarely could do in my day to day work.

The years passed and my confidence in myself and my body image grew. I finally realized, while not model perfect or reminiscent of what I saw in magazines, my shape was beautiful in its own way. I thought it became more and more beautiful as I trained my body in the dance. Evey time I conquered a new move or mastered a combination, I felt more feminine, more joyful, and stronger.

After 6 years or so, I began to teach and to perform professionally. I continued my own study with Mirjana (my second teacher and long term role model), and augmented with travel outside of town to find master teachers. To this day, I travel to workshops, intensives, retreats, and private lessons to continue honing my skills and simultaneously my confidence. I also use it to stay in shape.

But why did I want to perform bellydance?  I know now and perhaps always knew that I perform for one main reason: to bring joy to people’s lives. Bellydance is a joyful dance. Bellydance is a welcoming dance, accepting to all ages, sizes, and shapes. Bellydance is beautiful and  often brings out a beauty in the dancer that she did not know existed.

And now after a decade of bellydance, as I augment my studies with other dance forms, I still look at bellydance and see joy, strength, and beauty. I work now to bring those to you, the audience, the student, and the sister so that in dancing you too can discover your inner strength and confidence.

Sparklers for sale: Eman and pharonics!

Time to rotate! I’ve got two costumes up for sale this time. I am the first owner for the Pharonic bedlah and the first wearer for the Eman.

Black Turquoise Star of Egypt Eman: I have a gorgeous Black Turquoise, Star of Egypt (Dahlal’s naming). It is mint condition, fits super well and accents the booty. It has one slit in the front. It comes with bra, skirt, and two arm bands. The lycra material is very heavy and durable and the tribaret ornamentation is a knock out. I am the first to use this costume and have worn it approximately 4 times.

Nitty gritty details:
Bra underbust: 34″
Bra cups: 6.75″horizontal x 6.5″ diagonal x 6″ vertical (I took out the padding to take the measurements.)

Skirt top unstretched is 28″ (currently no elastic in the top, but i always meant to add some)
Top of skirt fully stretched is about 38″
Skirt length is 39″ laying flat on the ground.


Gold Pharonics Bedlah: I have an amazingly beaded, intricately designed gold pharonic bedlah. I am the first owner and bought it new at the bellydance store. It is in excellent condition! It comes with bra, two piece belt, waist strap, three arm bands, and headband.

Nitty gritty details:
Bra underbust: 31″
Bra cups: 6.75″horizontal x 6.75″ diagonal x 5″ vertical

Belt is in two pieces with the smaller piece measuring 14″ and the larger piece measuring 27″. They probably must overlap at least one inch. In the action shots below i did not wear the waist strap. It was always too long and I didn’t want to move the hooks!


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