Belly-Off 2012: Lalita!

Our featured dancer of the day is Lalita of Maryland, our Entertainer of the Year! She will be one of our guest judges next year as well as a guest instructor at the Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival 2013.


Who do/did you study with?  How long have you been dancing? Also what style of Oriental do you prefer, Turkish, Egyptian or Lebanese and why? Or are you a fusionista?
I started belly dance classes with Sitamun in the fall of 2006, and I immediately fell in love with this exotic and sensual art form!  I now take classes with Artemis when I can, and I travel to do workshop master classes with amazing instructors.  This year, I have studied with Dina, Aegela, and Shereena just to name a few.  I like to experiment with fusion and many styles; however, I am probably most comfortable in my body with Egyptian stylings.
Do you travel? Teach or take at workshops? Perform?
I perform at restaurants, haflas, gala shows, and other special events locally and even nationally 😀
Do you prefer dancing to live or recorded music?
I have only had three opportunities to perform with a live band (two of those times were at the BELLY OFF), and I want to enjoy live band dancing more often– the energy and passion you feel from the live music is exquisite!
Why bellydance as opposed to another dance form? And finally, what does bellydance mean to you?
I have studied many dance forms, but there is something so enchanting about belly dance.  I love that it is so beautiful and expressive and embracing of womens’ bodies of all shapes and sizes.  Belly dance makes me feel strong, sexy, and sassy 🙂

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