Bella for sale!

Black lycra Bella with silver and turquoise accents

This is a beautiful bella that I ordered from her website. It is incredibly comfortable to wear and dance in with a slight flair to the skirt which twirls beautifully and a leg slit and waist band. The skirt also features a nude backed cutout that is repeated on one of the arm gauntlets. It comes with two asymetrical gauntlets, headband, sheer black half circle veil, necklace, bra, and combi-skirt.

Nitty gritty details:

Bra underbust is 32″. Bra cup inside dimensions are 5.5″ vertical x 6″ horizontal x 6″ diagonal. The skirt top is 32″ and is beaded but has elastic that could be removed. The skirt is 34″ long laying flat. I wore this skirt particularly low and it was comfortable there!


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