To zill or not to zill?

I am not typically a blogger, but I must say that I am immensely proud of my class last night. It wasn’t a typical class, with Katia being on holiday. The ladies endured not only a combined all levels class but a full half hour of zill drills. Two of the ladies have even invested in their own personal set!

Where to purchase zills? I always recommend Saroyan! Mainly because you can listen to the soudn clips before purchasing. Also, I enjoy the unlimited amount of options. I have 5 pairs from them now and I think my Arabesque 2’s are my absolute favorite for both weight and sound quality, however, they are a tad loud for small indoor spaces.

I have also had a pair of zills from turquoise international. They have a wonderful  mellow tone and comfortable weight.

Our zill drill correpsonds to a Hossam Ramzy tune. We simply do hip ups, downs, walking twists, and a follow the leader, all the while overlaying a variety of patterns. At the end, we played zills a cappella over top the combinations we had worked on. And yes, we even added “The Abby” to our repertoire!

Great work ladies!

And added inspiration, here is Amina Sallah and her zill solo!

2 Replies to “To zill or not to zill?”

  1. Awww…that made me blush a little! I’m awful rusty with my zilling. Don’t think i could make it a whole half an hour. I should use this as some inspiration to get my butt practicing routinely again.

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