Dancing in SPACE

Last night, I performed at SPACE Art Gallery in downtown Pittsburgh for a fundraiser for Cosmopolitan Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

I was fortunate to be accompanied by my dance partner Kate and her ever vibrant daughter Olympia.

I also have to thank Kate for her candid snapshots throughout the evening. Including the familiar, bellydancer gets ready in the bathroom moment. Sorry to those unsuspecting guests!

There was an installation at the Gallery that included film (with sound) in two separate rooms and these imaginative dancing 3D paper dolls.

I was hired for a short set, something upbeat and fun for the crowd! I chose to do two songs, a lively entrance with zills (honestly, I think I surprised the woman behind me in this picture!)

followed by a snappy veil number….

At some point, while spinning with the veil, I realized that my shadow was interacting with the film projected behind me…needless to say, I started dancing with my shadow!

The film, only seen in snippets was intriguing. Perhaps I will visit the gallery again during this exhibit!

I truly enjoyed performing last night! The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a wonderful organization that I wholeheartedly support and lovely people were very complimentary. Many thanks to all!

The end of the night saw Olympia, Kate, and I trying to replicate the letters outside of SPACE’s gallery.

The letter A and the Letter C

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