Red Gold Bella- SOLD!

Lauren of Florida in the bella!

I am selling this lovely red and gold Bella that was orignally Maria’s.

The belt is very heavily beaded and drapes down to the mid-calf, and the bra is completely covered with beads and sequins. There is a swirling motif on the bra, belt, and wrist covered in beads and sequins. There are crystal encrusted 3-dimensional buckle decoration on the bra and belt. Bra has right side red fabric with gold beading, left side gold fabric with red beading. It is a really unique costume, super comfy and gets lot of compliments.

Bra: B/small C cup, 35″ underbust. 6.5Vx7Hx7.5Diag

Belt: one piece belt, made of stretch gold lycra. Completely covered with beading and fringes. 23″ long at the back. Will fit 30″-35″ upper hip 35” end to end.

Skirt: circle double chiffon skirt; 38″ length.


– Some fringe loss at tail of belt

– Typical wear on sequins and hexagon beads in fringe as is typical in Bellas

– The gold lycra has lost most of its shine and is now more of a matte color like the red lycra orignally was. It was like this when I purchased it. It is a uniform wear and does not look like wear but how the costume should be! I have a picture included of Lauren wearing the costume since I do not have any great shots of myself! Hope you don’t mind Lauren 🙂

-the bra straps are pinned but need sewn in!

$350 plus shipping and paypal fees please!

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