An Interview with Amartia of Maryland!

19 days till the Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival! And for those of you with questions about competitions…

Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival

A very short but extremely relevant interview with Professional Bellydancer Amartia of Maryland regarding her love of competitions…

1381749_204100426429582_1741555768_n“ Why do you compete?”

My cheeky response is: for the sparkly crown for the glory! But in all seriousness, I compete for the challenge. A competition is an arena that allows you to get critiques from people who don’t know you. They don’t know your teacher, your friends or your history. You are there to show them your best and go from there. It forces you to work for months for a performance that only lasts 5minutes, sometimes 10. Competing is that kick in the butt that gives me a goal to work towards; Especially knowing that it’s in front of other dancers. Dancers who know their stuff!

At the very least if you don’t place or win then you have great photos and video from your performance and that’s always…

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