Costumes for Sale!

White Noussa for sale:

Sparkling white noussa with gold and red accents. This is a bra, belt, skirt set with fully decorated gauntlets and a red chiffon veil. The skirt is heavily beaded down the side. Only one red stone is missing from the belt and it is not noticeable. I often wear the bra and belt with two chiffon skirts to change the look as in the above poster. This set is in good condition and is amazingly beaded.

Nitty gritty details:

Bra cups are 5″vertical x 6.5″diagonal x 6.5″ horizontal on the inside and the underbust is 34″ fully stretched. Belt is up to 37.5″ The skirt is 28″ unstretched at the top and up to 38″ fully stretched. The skirt is 38″long. SOLD!

Navy and gold Eman:

One of my favorite costumes to wear. I bought this off of Damiena on BHUZ. It is well taken care of but has been danced in a lot. No missing beads, heavily decorated side and back of skirt. The skirt flares at the bottom and has eman’s signature ruching for a beautiful fit. This costume is extremely comfortable to dance in! I actually never knew which was officially the front and which was the back and have worn it both ways. I will say the ruching does wonderful things to accent your backside! LOL

Nitty gritty details:

Bra cups are 5.5″vertical x 6.5″diagonal x 6.5″ horizontal on the inside and the underbust is 37″ .  The skirt is 28″ unstretched at the top and up to 36″ fully stretched. The skirt is 38″long but it is hemmed and you could gain another inch. It also comes with armbands. I am asking $300 plus shipping.

March 5th with Lisa Zahiya in the ‘Burgh approaches!

We are fast approaching our two workshops and gala show featuring Lisa Zahiya of North Carolina. I’ve been looking forward to learning her truly dynamic drum solo techniques and fantastic shimmies! Here is a bit of what is in store for us..

and how about this…

While I consider myself a strictly oriental style bellydancer, I always appreciate the artist who fluidly crosses over and bridges the gap between tribal and cabaret. Lisa, as an innovative and renowned dancer, creates that bridge. Are you interested in learning more? Join us for the workshops. Not a dancer? Well, join us for the gala show at Istanbul Grille! Click this link for more information, to register, or to buy your tickets in advance!

Valentine’s Day Weekend at Istanbul Grille!



Istanbul postcard




Whoever said, “Good things come to those who wait, probably didn’t have a
date on Valentine’s Day!”

Call now for your reservation for Feb 11, 12, or 13!

prix fixe 3 course menu for

a Special Couples Menu
featuring Istanbul Grille’s favorites

Live Harp, Violin, and Dancing throughout the Evening

Call ahead for reservations Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

Istanbul Grille Valentine’s Weekend Menu

Cold Appetizer Platter  | Choice of entree: Salmon, Vegetable Saté,
Chicken Saté, or Seafood Trio | Special Valentine’s Day Dessert

Istanbul Grille is BYOB

412.683.1623  |  4130 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15201  |

Bella for sale!

Black lycra Bella with silver and turquoise accents

This is a beautiful bella that I ordered from her website. It is incredibly comfortable to wear and dance in with a slight flair to the skirt which twirls beautifully and a leg slit and waist band. The skirt also features a nude backed cutout that is repeated on one of the arm gauntlets. It comes with two asymetrical gauntlets, headband, sheer black half circle veil, necklace, bra, and combi-skirt.

Nitty gritty details:

Bra underbust is 32″. Bra cup inside dimensions are 5.5″ vertical x 6″ horizontal x 6″ diagonal. The skirt top is 32″ and is beaded but has elastic that could be removed. The skirt is 34″ long laying flat. I wore this skirt particularly low and it was comfortable there!


Costumes for sale!

New and barely used costumes for sale!

Please email me at if you are interested in any of these or need additional information!

Gold bra and belt set: SOLD!!!

Beautiful, richly decorated bra and belt set for sale. Worn a few time by a previous owner and not at all by me!

Nitty gritty details:

Bra underbust at 31″. Inside measurements of cups are 6″ vertical by 7″ horizontal by 7.5″ on the diagonal. Belt measures 34″. I will throw in a metallic white and gold car wash style skirt with the set.


Purple bow Eshta set: SOLD

Beautiful, richly decorated bra, belt and skirt set. Elegant design and heavily beaded on both the bra and belt. The color is a rich luscious purple! The skirt is sheer so you would need something underneath!

Nitty gritty details:

Bra underbust at 31″. Inside measurements of cups are 6.5″ vertical by 7″ horizontal by 7″ on the diagonal. Belt measures 35″. The skirt waistband is 28″ unstretched and stretches to 40″. The skirt length is 38″ long.

Red metallic egyptian set:ON HOLD!

Sparkling metallic red egyptian bra and skirt set. Also comes with two arm bands in metallic red lycra. The skirt has a modest leg slit and three dimensional beading. It is definitely a sparkler! Worn a few time by a previous owner and not at all by me!

Nitty gritty details:

Bra underbust at 34″. Inside measurements of cups are 6″ vertical by 7″ horizontal by 7.5″ on the diagonal. The skirt waistband is 26″ unstretched and stretches to 38″. The skirt length is 36″ long.

I am asking $225 plus shipping.

Red Pharonics Rings of Desire: SOLD!

Red red red, rings of desire by Pharonics of Egypt. This bra and skirt set is well crafted and been worn quite a few times by the previous owner. It has so much life left in it though! It comes with a bra, skirt, two gauntlets, 2 wristlets/ anklets, and headband.

Nitty gritty details:

Bra underbust at 35″. Inside measurements of cups are 6″ vertical by 7″ horizontal by 7″ on the diagonal. The skirt waistband is 24″ unstretched and stretches to 35″. The skirt length is 35″ long.


Istanbul Hafla- February 24th!

I am so excited to announce the first of our Istanbul Haflas for 2011! Carolina Loyala-Garcia, flamenco dacner extra-ordinaire and respected instructor will be leading her troupe Alba Flamenca on stage. Rounding out the performance will be Katia, Berna, Laila, and Janim!

Istanbul Hafla Series Continues

Thursday February 24th! Doors open at 7pm, $8

Join us as we welcome ALBA FLAMENCA, our featured performers, to Istanbul Grille!

 The Istanbul Haflas are monthly bellydance events at the Istanbul Grille in Lawrenceville.

Haflas with their intimate and cozy atmosphere, offer the perfect chance for you to involve your friends, to show off a few moves, but most importantly to learn the dance styles of other dancers/ instructors in the community.

Each month we will feature a different dancer, some from out of town! Join us for an evening of dance and fun!

Saida, Bellydancer in Argentina

I always try to find new inspiration for my bellydancing. After so many years, it is hard to stay fresh, interested, and learning new technique. After an intensive lesson with Sherena of Ohio, she recommended that I take a look at Saida from argentina. I am so happy that she did! Saida is amazing. I am fascinated with the energy in her moves. The hair flips are striking. Her shimmies are incredible, but I believe I like her flair and drama the most!

See what you think?

Or maybe this one?

Bellydance Performance Packages

Hire a Professional Belly Dancer!

Give a memorable gift to your guests by inviting JANIM and West of Cairo to perform at your party, benefit, wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or corporate event  in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Area! It’s a great way to get your guests involved in the party and dancing! Janim is a professional performer with almost 10 years of experience. Audiences of all ages will be delighted with authentic costumes and traditional music from the Middle East. Janim’s speciatlies include zill-playing (Arabic finger cymbals) and dramtic veil dancing. Listed below are some typical packages that West of Cairo and Janim may provide:

Bellydance Bridal Shower Package: Performance and Mini-Lesson

Treat you and your guests to authentic bellydance performance followed be a mini lesson.  West of Cairo will bring hipscarves for the guests to wear during the mini lesson. Package includes one authentic hipscarf for the guest of honor to remember the occasion.

Belly Dance Show

A fun and exciting bellydance performance that will include an exciting entrance, work with props (finger cymbal, veil, or cane) a drum solo, and audience participation. 15-20 minutes $175

Belly Dance Show with Instruction

A bellydance performance with a lesson for you and your guests. Perfect for baby showers, sorority events, bachelorette parties, and so much more. 30-45 minutes $225

Wedding Performance

West of Cairo will work with you to make a perfect event for the bride and groom.  Multiple dancers available. $250

Ladies Night Out!

Escape your ordinary routine for a Ladies Night Out in the Harem! West of Cairo will provide a dramatic bellydance performance complete with swirling veils, exciting drum solos, and crisp finger cymbal playing. The performance will be followed by a mini-lesson that will have you shimmying like a pro! Package will include bindis for all the guests.

Princess Parties – Bellydance for Girls

West of Cairo are experienced instructors of children and love to perform and teach at children’s parties. Starts at $100

Parties can include bellydance, veil swirling, cane dancing, and cymbal playing.



Hafla at Gist Street- Saturday, January 22nd

Hello Dancers, Vintage music lovers, and Bellydance enthusiasts!

Ishtar and Janim are holding a community showcase event on January 22, 2011 at James Simon Studios on Gist St.

The evenings dancers include Laila, Jemeena, Hakan, Nawal, Thalia, Mehira, Unsuk, Divinity, Sara, and Janim.

We are also encouraging everyone to bring a middle eastern themed pot luck dish and BYOB. The evening promises to be full of amazing music, courtesy of our very own Ishtar, and spectacular performances by our local talent. As always, an open floor dance will close the night.

New dancers are encouraged to perform or just hang out, we would love to meet you!

Admission is $5 at the door! Looking forward to seeing you there!

James Simon’s Studios

305 Gist Street

Pittsburgh, PA
Saturday, January 22 · 7:00pm – 11:30pm


Welcome to Janim’s website! On these pages, you willl find information on how to hire a professional belly dancer for your event, where to take belly dance classes in Pittsburgh, and so much more…

Janim is the co-founder of Pittsburgh’s new Vintage Oriental Bellydance troupe, WEST OF CAIRO and through this troupe, she teaches classes in the cultural district on Monday evenings and in Lawrenceville on Tuesday evenings.


Saturday, January 22nd. Hafla at James Simons Gallery on Gist Street featuring ISHTAR! More details to follow!

Saturday, March 5th. Join us as we welcome Lisa Zahiya for two exciting workshops and a gala show!

See Janim and Ishtar at Art of the Belly, March 18th-20th, 2011 in Ocean City, Maryland..

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