Troupe Faraatha

Over the past few months, I have beePittsburgh Bellydance Academyn proud to watch Troupe Faraatha grow into a harmonious, fun loving and spirited troupe! These ladies are some of the hardest working dancers I have ever met!

Today , they will be performing with me at the Friendship Flower and Folk Festival along with the aerial silk specialists from the Pittsburgh Dance Center! We will be demoing many of the fun props of bellydance, including zills, veils and shamadan.

We also have an incredible line-up of performances in the future and I hope you will join us for a few:

  • May 9th- Folk and Flower Festival, 3:15pm
  • May 31st- PDC Showcase, 4pm
  • June 5th- PDC Ballroom Exhibit- TBD
  • June 14th- Triple B Farms with Aerials, TBD
  • October 24th-Halloween Hafla-

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