Just added to our 2015 Line up: Tiffani Ahdia!

Tiffani Ahdia

We are excited to announce that Tiffani Ahdia will be joining our line-up of amazing instructors this year!

Tiffani Ahdia is a professional bellydance artist, instructor, and choreographer based in the USA and is highly sought after for her knowledge and skills in Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Latin Fusion, and folkoric styles of oriental dance. Tiffani has over twenty years of training in various styles of non-oriental dance and began her Middle Eastern dance studies in 2007 with the industry’s most desirable teachers (including stars such as Suraiya of Poland, Doaa Sallam of the Reda Troupe, Aziza, Petite Jamilla, Michelle Joyce, and many more). Her long list of accomplishments includes starring in her own full length instructional DVD (Shimmy Carnival), being a featured instructor at some of the USA’s most renowned bellydance conventions, winning the East Coast Classic Professional Cabaret competition as well as the Masriyatt Queen competition, and placing in the top six on the popular reality show, Project Bellydance: The Search for America’s Top Bellydancer. This year, she was also invited to be a warm-up instructor at the Nile Group Festival in Cairo and will be teaching at the 2016 East Coast Classic accompanied by Jillina, Sharon Kihara, Karim Nagi, and more.

Tiffani Ahdia will be teaching Mahraganat Shaabi: This latest dance craze is sweeping the bellydance world! Mahraganat. Shaabi (or electro-shaabi) is the newest genre to come out of Cairo’s music scene. Dancers will learn authentic choreography that will have them dancing like they grew up in Egypt! This workshop covers a background of the music and dance style, popular artists, tips for choosing music and costuming, technique and stylization, and cultural gestures seen in shaabi!

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